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Freshly cut grass in the backyard of a private house
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Landscaping Services to Help You Create Beautiful Yards

Creating beautiful landscapes is an art. It requires experience, finesse, and dedication. When creating a landscape for your property, keep in mind that it can enhance or reduce the curb appeal of your property, depending on how it is designed and installed. It is best to trust experienced professionals to do the job; otherwise, you would be just putting a lot of your hard-earned money down the drain. At Bergman Lawn & Landscape, we care about your money and provide you with a team that understands landscape design. Our landscaping services are available in Headingley, Oak Bluff, and Winnipeg. 


All you have to do is communicate with us to share your vision, and we will design a landscape to bring your dreams to reality. We can help you with:

A picture showcasing a well-maintained garden with plants, flowers and even grass ground
Top view of real green grass background

Landscape Design

At Bergman Lawn & Landscape, we understand landscape design and create solutions that do not just look great but also offer maximum functionality. We create designs that work best according to the climate of the place because there is no point in investing in expensive plants that won’t flourish on your lawn. Instead, we recommend plants that work well and can flourish without intensive care. Our creative and driven landscape artists have experience working with all kinds of constraints. They can transform even the most minor patch of land into something beautiful.

Landscape design
Top view of real green grass background

Retaining Walls

Lush green landscapes look amazing and work well to enhance your property's aesthetic appeal but also increase the risk of moisture seeping into your home. Retaining walls is the right solution to keep the foundation of your property safe from soil moisture. Bergman Lawn & Landscape offers installation and maintenance services for retaining walls. We have trained and experienced professionals who can optimize walls to prevent issues like water damage and erosion. From wooden retaining walls to mortar and brick walls, we have solutions for various budgets and styles.

Landscaping in progress with stone wall under construction separating barren land and fresh lawn
Retaining walls

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Freshly trimmed lawn bordered with fences after landscape design

Designs That Speak

Our designers understand your vision and design landscapes that reflect your personality.

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